How an apple hater got an iPad and an iPhone

Let’s get something out from the start…I hated apple all my life

I just thought it was a very overrated company with too expensive products that had the worst fan boys ever, at the time android was on the rise and I was amazed by the amount of customization and control that you can do on your android that an iPhone user can’t dream of until apple decides to release it in a big press conference and call it “innovation” and “magic”

my view began to change when I decided to get a tablet, you can say that android phones now provides a very comparable experience to the iPhone but when it comes to tablets the iPad is still the king miles ahead of any competition

I got an iPad 2 16 GB WiFi model, then I began to see why apple is considered to be in a different league than most technology companies…The incredible attention to the details of the user experience where hardware and software complements each other

It begins with the hardware design, apple popularised what’s known as the “industrial design” which means combining art and science to improve the functionality and usability of a product, this is very apparent not only in the physical design of apple’s products but in the materials they use like aluminum to give you a better feel when most competitors use plastic

The other part of the story is the software, although I am not a very big fan of apple’s famous UI but what struck me the most coming from android is the smoothness of the experience, you don’t feel lag or stutter, and it definitely made a difference in my experience

Another big part of the apple experience is simplicity, maybe over simplicity at times, controlling the experience without giving the user too much options, at a certain point this really didn’t work for me, I loved android because of all the control I have on my experience to the tiniest technical details of what kind of OS kernel I am using

But now I don’t feel I need to have all these options, I need something that just works out of the box without having to get to forums to get the best experience and that what apple excels at, they have a very famous motto that they describe their products with “it just works”

The app selection and quality is a major difference between apple and everyone else, for the history they are the ones who invented the app store model with the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007 and it evolved to what we have today

Although android became much better than before when it comes to app selection and quality, but they are still behind apple for sure, that’s something I experienced first hand when I began using the same apps I used on android this time on the iPad / iPhone, because of the software experience I described earlier it gives any app a higher level of quality

apple experience has its limitations for sure, but I got used to them and to let go of the complete control android gave for a more straightforward and simpler experience, still if anyone asked me I would recommend android for sure, it’s jumping leaps everyday and gives a very comparable experience to apple and surpass it at some points too (ehm…notification center !!)

but..I don’t hate apple as much as I used  to do before

One thought on “How an apple hater got an iPad and an iPhone

  1. Apple has the advantage of software/hardware compatibility because they design their software specifically for their hardware and vice versa. Android has the option of portability, it works on a variety of devices, therefore, it’s not optimized. Same as the Mac/Windows/Linux debate 😀

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