Random Thoughts # 1

19  June  2010

Create new associations and break the old ones

Do not escape pain but go through pain, when you are ready you can

Slow down -Breathe

Realize the moments you are living right now to get to the balance

What you really have is right now, not the past nor the future, it’s now

To fly you need to slow down first, eliminate whatever useless things that may be taking from your precious limited focus

Your most important resource, your internal focus, the real power that drives everything including your thoughts

Remember that the taste of things is lost when they are consumed too much

Nothing will change with anger against yourself, preserve and understand, every feeling is a thought, and a thought is meant to be controlled by you, you are in control

Your thoughts are your empowerment, when you face an obstacle, your thoughts can carry you over to the other side where you can enjoy your success, soon enough reality will obey your thoughts

Just rest when it’s time to rest, to disconnect, to let your mind breathe, be still, close your attention and your eyes and recharge

I breathe in slowly, it feels as if I don’t even breathe, and suddenly I realize how much moments I waste