My friend, Don’t be afraid

Now i realized something, why it’s always tomorrow that I will be better, that I will stop doing this or start doing that properly, why it’s not today, why it’s always today a missed chance where I mess things up waiting for tomorrow to set things right, tomorrow that will never come.

Why are you still running away? afraid of pain? afraid if confrontation? that’s why it’s always tomorrow that will set things right, but you don’t want this tomorrow to come, do you? you just want to escape the idea of facing, you don’t want to face the probability of failing because you are afraid of the pain.

Do you hear the wind outside? at first it made you feel uncomfortable, it made you scared, you ran away and covered your face, to protect yourself.

But listen, breathe deep and listen, slowdown and listen, there is nothing to be afraid of really, when you give your mind the chance to and really listen, you will find something beautiful.

Listen to the sound of the wind outside, don’t be afraid…just slow down and listen, what do you hear?

Do you hear the sound of nature? do you feel the purity as God first created it, do you feel the precious moments of life that we waste with our crazy lives that don’t stop, thinking that we don’t have time, we are always busy, we are always tired we are always running towards something we don’t know, we thing we understand but we miss the whole point…life.

Don’t be afraid, my friend. Tomorrow will be good, and today will be even better.

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