Rewind : A person named ‘Y’

I don’t know why I remembered that particular post recently, it is one of the early ones I wrote long time ago, it’s weird to read it again after all this time, weird because I am not sure if the person who wrote it back than still exists, hope you like it.

Like Any other he had a life
friends , family and a social life
One Day he was crossing the street
Suddenly the light struck his eyes
He knew it was the end , he was sure
A car that fast it must be the end
At this moment the world was still
time itself stopped to watch
he wonderd
such a short life , such a deciving one
we think we will live forever , while death is around every corner
the fancy clothes , the money , the cool car does it matter
friends he have , people he laughed at  , was it worth it
the looks , the cash , the pretty girls..does it mean anything , will it save him
when was it the last time he really thought of this final last moment
is he ready , did he work for it , did he plan
plan the final journey to there
at this moment
does anything had sense
does this life had a meaning
the lights passed by his eyes in a glimpse
time went on , another soul was spared its end
for a moment he freezed , his mind stopped
in a second he left his phone and called a friend
“wow that was close…hey boy…am coming 2night …yeh the night club u stupid , everybody there
and u know it’s thursday , it’s our time to hunt for some gooodddiieess my love…c ya there “
simply he said
crossed the street
and simply forgot

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