About happiness I talk

The joke that this must be the most stupid title for a post ever,  I believe that talking about happiness is like talking about the sunset..completely useless.As sunset need to be seen, happiness need to be felt.But still, about happiness I shall talk.

I remember when I was a kid, I always heard adults talking about how shitty life is, and how they miss the old days when they you were kids when there was nothing to worry about, I am pretty sure you heard that stuff, the thing is that it always gave the impression that you have till a certain time of your life you can be happy in, afterward you don’t have a chance amigo, forget it…you will be drowned with life and its worries that all you can do as an adult is talk to other adults about how you miss being a kid again when there was nothing to worry about !!

So let’s think it through for a second, does it make any sense to you to let the stress and duties of everyday life to convince me that there’s no way to be happy except by going back to be a kid again, If you do believe in this let me bring you a gun and shoot you personally, or you can jump out of the window and save yourself the headache, tell you something..jump out of the window, it’s easier and cheaper for both of us.

I do believe that at  a certain point of your life, when you are aware enough, being happy needs to be beyond the idea of  going for a certain need, as a child what made you happy was playing and having fun, when you were a teen what made you happy was mostly about loud music, girls (if you were a guy, although I was too shy back then to succeed in that anyway), maybe video games and hopefully not smoking or getting high.It was all about that need to be different and weird and “cool”, but in the end it was a need that will vanish when you go over this time of your life.

Here comes the problem, you are raised all your life that once you have your own responsibilities, you can kiss the idea of being happy good bye, and you will kind go in an endless spiral till you die, that to be adult and “mo7trm” you need to abandon the “silly” old dreams, you need to think about how to save money, about your work, about the need to get lanshon wee zatoon when you get back home or not, maybe you can have some fun with the same adult mo7trmeen friends at the weekend on the cafe.

You had your time as a fired up young person with dreams and ideas and life full in him, but once you are adult and “mo7tram” you need to live like how they raised you, always believing that the best times were in your past, and you need to live like the next guy, like all these millions living, about money work and the lanshon wee el zatoon.

I do believe that happiness is all about a conscious decision to engage your life, to feel every minute, every second if you can, not to let all the buzz that we all have in our lives to make you forget how to enjoy the rays of the sun on your face once you wake up, to breathe the air and life in you whenever you can, to value the good laugh and to see all the beauty that God planted in this world that we stupidly enough don’t enjoy because of the work, money and lanshon.

If I can speak of a personal experience, I can tell you that once I got whatever anybody thinks out of my head and treated being happy as a target I want to achieve because in it I can find a reason for my life itself things became much easier and much more clear, it won’t be easy to change a mind set that we were raised to for many many years, but it’s possible if you if thought of your life as a credit that you really don’t know how much you have still, don’t you you think it’s useless to waste in worries and in the circumstances that it’s too hard and about the money that is always not enough and the work that always suck,and of course about the lanshon wee el zatoon that you never seem to remember to get when you out of them.

If I got to end this with being a wise a** (I know..I said I’ll try not to) I can tell you all it takes to begin is to smile, look around you and see how rare you can see a smile in the streets,the bus or wherever you go, just a simple smile will make you a little bit prettier and a little bit happier.

About happiness I talked a bit, although there’s much more to say, but If you didn’t think about it before I sincerely urge you to, you’ll never know when your credit is up

4 thoughts on “About happiness I talk

  1. Nice one Saher, you finally begin the implementation of “The Happiness Project” :))
    ana lsa 2day bel sodfa 3’ayrt el PM on facebook to the quote:
    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.. Courage to change the things I can.. and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time.. Enjoying one moment at a time.. Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace…”
    and i think it is all about “Enjoying the moment”, that will help you appreciate life. No longer you will be one who takes life for granted. You will make happy moments happier, and you will also help to make them last forever.

    Yalla 3o2bal ma n-start implementation e7na kaman 😀 ool ya Rab 😀

  2. tesd2 tel3et bet3arf tektab mesh awi y3ny 😛 kiddng begad good job keep on writing
    begad needed to read such a thing, am really in need for that smile 😀

    “We are all here for a limited period of time, is it worth it to spend any of that time in a dismal mood? Being negative?” i found that quote and will try to implement it 🙂

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