REWIND : “Scientifically” in love

So what about a little change in the pace, this time I picked for you a pretty funky post I have written before that explains a pretty interesting thing, what does cause the feeling of love to be the way we experience it?? but not from poetry point of view but from a strict scientific point of view,I shall post it on two parts as it was published originally..hope you like it and let me hear what you think


Most of you who are reading my blog  knows that  i have something for writing love poems, and yeah many of you just die and know the secret behind these poems , but this time I will write about love from a totally different view.

This post will talk a bit about the actual biological effects on our bodies and specifically the brain that creates the experience called falling in love..Boring?? just read to the end and then you may decide if that’s boring or not.

Actually there are alot of serious scientific studies about what exactly happens in your body and brain while you are in love, the whole subject has alot of views to talk about,so I’ll just choose some points I thought it was interesting.

First of all, let me introduce the 3 main players who are involved in creating the experience of “Love” in your brain,these are chemicals that are produced in the brain

  • Dopamine – Also activated by cocaine and nicotineNorepinephrine – Otherwise known as adrenalin. Starts us sweating and gets the heart racing
  • Serotonin – One of love’s most important chemicals and one that may actually send us temporarily insane !! I’ll talk about that a bit later

  • high levels of dopamine, and norpenephrine beside usually low levels of serotonin which is responsible for calmness and peaceful mode results in the state of feeling dizzy, over the top happy and satisfied besides things like sleeplessness, that loss of appetite.

    Also it results in a very lovely  thing…Driving you Mad!!

    A study says that falling in love results in the symptoms of

    ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’ or OCD. People with OCD behave obsessively about certain things. They might be constantly washing their hands, or need to continually check to see if the door is closed.

    The low levels of sertonin result in being obsessive about who we are in love in, that what makes you constantly thinking about that person all the time, and remembring every single small thing about who you love,how they smile or how they walk even if you have a volatile memory in normal life, so to all who is reading this and keeps checking the messenger  to see if a certain “someone” online or keeps checking the mobile to see if a certain “someone”

    called..Congratulations…you are in love…and you have some kind of OCD!!

    Another interesting thing, being named “Falling” in love is somewhat true name, the chemicals that work in the brain when you are in love result in the sense of losing balance and having a certain “rush” as if you are actually falling…cute !!

    I still have a bit more to tell you about falling in love scientifically, but I don’t want to write a long blog and make it hard to read, beside I want to know if you like the idea and would like to  read another blog about it, so please tell me if you like it and if you want another blog about it…I am eager to read your comments about  it so feel free to do that.

    In the end, now you know…”I Love You” it’s a powerful thing to say

    One thought on “REWIND : “Scientifically” in love

    1. Interesting !! Nice you brought this up :))
      I really like this one, it is so simple and descriptive, but just have a small comment; I red before that all of these feelings you mentioned don’t come from the brain but are supported by the brain. Love feelings are deeply spiritual and brain system supports them, so to speak it keeps them in place.

      Yalla b2a I’m waiting for the next part :))

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