REWIND : “Scientifically” in love II


Back again with the second part , I hope u liked the first one , I got a good reaction about it which is a great thing, so I hope u like this too.

Let me begin with an experiment, they made this on a group of people of who they say they are in love, first they showed each one of them the picture of his/her “love”, and then showed each one of them pictures of attractive and beautiful people of the opposite sex, and then monitored the activity of the brain in the two cases.

The results was very interesting, the participants when they were showed the pictures of the beautiful people, it activated the parts of brain responsible for “physical” attraction, and it differed from one person to another depending on his/her taste !!

But when they were showed the pictures of the ones they love, it was a whole diffrent story, it was like their brains where lightened with a 400 v current of pure feelings, to make things even more interesting, they showed each one another picture of his/her love but not that “great”, u know when u have a bad hair day and u look to the mirror and feel that a train was playing on your face all night, now imagine a picture similar to that, the amazing thing that never the less the same parts of the brain was activated again, in a diffrent rate from one person to another but again their brains lightened up as if nothing changed.

So if you happen to have a bad hair day and a train playing on your face all night, in other words you look awful !! don’t worry, if there’s someone who’s really in love with you, it won’t change a lot for him/her, scientifically his brain won’t let him, but still don’t trust your luck that much !!

This lead us to a known fact about love, that it’s blind, this is amazingly true, studies discovered that the parts of the brain that are responsible for social and logical assessment- that tells us what feels right from wrong and help us in judging people- are literally “off”, shut down, not only that but it also shuts down the parts responsible for negative aggressive feelings like hatred and fear, that results in us seeing whom we love “perfect” in every single thing ,not viewing the flows and mistakes of them, and it also explains why a person really badly in love can writes books about his love’s smile , simply because for him it’s the most beautiful thing ever existed.

You may ask a question “if love is this powerful, why life is not that perfect??” a good question, actually the “drugging” effect we talked about begins to fade away as the relation takes more time and becomes more steady, but that doesn’t mean that you would stop to love, but what happens that the Dopamine,Norepinephrine and Serotonin we talked about in the first part begins to come back to their normal levels, and other chemicals are produced that gives a more calm, more peaceful condition, that’s why the love between married couples is diffrent from love between teenagers for example.

Of course it would be stupid to limit the experience of love in some chemicals playing in your head, it’s just one view of the most powerful human emotion, falling in love is much deeper thing that just touches your soul and change the world around you, all of what i talked about it’s a small piece of the most amazing thing.

well, I am kind of done, there’s alot of things you can find, this was just some of the things i found and i thought you would like it and i hope you really do.

I finish with these words that I think really describes it well,

Being in love is an all-consuming kind of experience. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t concentrate. It’s a delicious kind of torture that lends itself to the writing of poems.”

Doesn’t these words remind u of a certain person ??!

REWIND : “Scientifically” in love

So what about a little change in the pace, this time I picked for you a pretty funky post I have written before that explains a pretty interesting thing, what does cause the feeling of love to be the way we experience it?? but not from poetry point of view but from a strict scientific point of view,I shall post it on two parts as it was published originally..hope you like it and let me hear what you think

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