Rewind : If that is not Love…

This one is one of the early things I wrote when I began writing regualry in a blog, and one of the most dearest ot my heart because I remember till now exactly when and how I wrote it, and how the words then came away even before I think what I want to say..I hope you like it

f Only U Can Know..
If Only You Can Hear..
The Beats of My Falling Heart Calling You..
Dying To Tell you How U are So Dear..
If Only you Can Know..
I Wonder Why…
Every Second Looking at the mirror..
Every Second Fixing What i Wear…
My Heart Screaming..We are late..
Jumping in my chest about to break …
Calm Down you Crazy Heart..late For what..i ask
Late for seeing her….feeling her…breathing that smile…dying in those eyes a thousand time..
My Heart tell me…saying loud…How you Dare to Ask….
Deep Inside…I hear my mind
Stop Beating on the letters of her will never be yours…
Stop dying Every second for nothing..
What do You know about falling in love..the heart says
I know enough to tell you..Just run away..Deep inside it says..
My Heart Says How Ever I Can Live again..
You Will Live…it’s not black and white there will always be grey…
Leave me Dying in the pain of this Love..Without the Pain I Can’t Live
The Heart Screams..if that is not Love..tell me what is it??
Deep inside i hear..I Can’t tell you..But i Can tell you There will always b another way..
If That is not Love…..

6 thoughts on “Rewind : If that is not Love…

  1. i really like it ya saher … wonderfull .. i read it before .. but i still like it more and more

    keep up the good work 😉

  2. 3ady y3ny shayfha 3adya mesh teganen wala 7aga :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P kidding begad 3agbetny awi f3lan bet2ol 7aga f3lan 🙂 eh el mowaheb de 😉

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