Gaza : We will not go down

I was intending for a while now to write something related to what is happening now in Gaza, but I didn’t want to write something that you and me already knows, or in the same line of the amount of blah blah blah we are receiving from every possible direction, alot and alot of words are spoken in the air, words that will do any child who lost his mother or family no good, words that force anyone who still understands to smile a bitter smile

So until I find something useful to say, I present you with a song I have came across for an independent artist called “Michael Heart” called We will not go down, hope you like.

You can download it here

In the end: you who are there defending your life, your land, your freedom..don’t pay attention to all our useless words and scared souls, you shall die proud, and we shall live in disgrace..May Allah be with you