N o

This time it was louder than anything I have  heard in my life that  made every bit of my existence listen , a strong loud scream that went out so deep and so loud, then it was all calm and clear,It was No…a loud strong clear No is what I heard.

Not anymore, I will accept that you control me or pretend that I am wrong ,that you are judging me, not anymore I will let you make me feel that It’s a sin not to be free away from you, not anymore.

No..I won’t feel like a criminal because I didn’t know the details of your life for a couple of days, No it’s not a crime to have my space and time,it’s not a crime to live the way I feel and not pretend what my heart doesn’t really feel, No..not anymore

I am free, if you can’t understand that than go away, if you can’t understand me than go away, I don’t need anyone anymore,the only one I need is me.

No…not anymore you will be the innocent victim and I’ll be the sinner, not anymore I aplogize for mistakes I didn’t do,not anymore I’ll lose my right in respect the person who I am for what you think is right..not anymore

No…you will not make me feel that I am not worth it, Nooooo…I am worth every bit of it, if you thought you can go away,then you will be the one who will lose, because I have nothing to lose..not anymore

Not anymore..I shall lose myself for you or anyone else, not anymore I shall break my heart to satisfy people who don’t even understand who I am,not anymore when I just never asked you for anything,because I respect and accept the person you are,No..not anymore

I am free,and I will always be,if you respect that, than my heart is always open, If you ever thought you can judge me or know the person I am..than screw you.

No..not anymore

2 thoughts on “N o

  1. It’s always nice to stand up to oneself every once in a while, bs aham 7aga to have a clear view and a soothing readiness to actually progress to the better isA instead of being held back in a cycle of anger and disappointment. Wish u the very best dayman ya Saher isA w I really hope u not only find what u’re looking for, but always grow and prosper isA ^_^

  2. Hope for you the best always .. and to find the thing that you would say ” YES” to it , to bring more calm and happiness in your life cuz you deserve the best really .. Thanks for re-winding your posts here especially the one that I will always like 🙂

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