Rewind : Life In A Contact List

“Rewind” refers to posts I’ve already written and published before but not here, it’s a chance for you who didn’t have the chance to read the first time to check it out, and for you who already did, I hope you liked it the first time that you wouldn’t mind to give it a second look..enjoy.

Weired title…
In that little window you can see , see green icons and grey icons ( or red if you r using an older version ) ,you just click and talk !
Each and every one of these green icons represnet someone in this life ,every nickname carries the thoughts and ideas of a person ,every single line,dot and charcter means something..shows something
Sometime when you talk to someone you can feel the happiness between the words and the lines , you find your self carrying this happiness in the strokes on of your keyboared , other times you can see through the words how sad a person can be how grim , the lines carries this unknown fear and worries…
Sometimes you may talk for 5 minutes ,Sometimes for hours and hours and hours,sometimes you just can’t find what to say sometimes you want to talk for ever and ever
Sometimes you just don’t want to talk to someone Sometimes you r dying for the little window to get orange waiting for a reply , your hands is searching for the right words for the right time
You may love a nickname , you may hate another ,and you may just don’t care at all.
You may just want tell this somebody how you care so much and the whole 255 charcter of your computer can’t describe enough how you feel..
You Want to see Life…Open your contact list.
D.edication : you used to like this one the best, I hope you read this and still like it

4 thoughts on “Rewind : Life In A Contact List

  1. very deep feeling and high level understanding that enabled you to represent life in such new and invented way .. i like it .. thanks alot saher 🙂

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