The Diary Of Happiness

It’s always in the back of our heads even if we don’t realize it, it’s always what we pursuit, the feeling that makes everything in our lives real and give us reasons to our lives itself, it’s that sensation that runs through our souls and force the smile in our faces,light our eyes and makes our hearts beats in…Happiness.

The most beautiful feeling in the world when you suddenly feel happy and you don’t know why, you just feel you are nearly flying and you don’t have reasons for it and you don’t want to. A song, a light breeze of cold air, a good joke,seeing a face you love or even the light of the moon, the most beautiful thing about it when it comes rushing through your heart without knowing, or just because the simplest of things, when you just wish you can hold it in you for much longer.

I don’t know if it’s right or wrong to try and put the feeling of happiness in words, it’s seems elusive and unreal to do that, besides happiness is as unique and diffrent as much as we are as persons, maybe this is why I am writing this, to try and find happiness with all its forms and ways in all diffrent places and people.

You will find a new page titled “The diary of happiness”, I thought why we don’t share what make us happy together, talk about it and learn from it, learn how we can be happier in our lives, or more precisely, the “art” of being happier in our lives, how not to lose that feeling even in the hardest moments, to learn how to keep it there much longer.

Maybe I write this because the meanings in my life now seems more blurry than ever. Love..Friendship..Happiness..Peace..Joy..Sadness. All words that I used to have kind of definition to its meanings, but now it seems as all what I thought was wrong, it seem that these feelings are just escaping from me, Sometimes moments of happiness rushes through my mind and I feel as if I want to capture before I lost it in middle of the noise of life,maybe am trying to remember what happy feels like, maybe I am trying to keep it there much more longer.

The diary is waiting for you, for every word that may lead us to that magical feeling, I hope we can learn,explore, and know more from it, know more about who we are and about others, and ultimately know where we can find our own happiness.

In this weired world, happiness is much more valuable than before, much more precious, through the circles we just keep walking in, sometimes we lose our reasons and we keep wondering why, maybe now we can always remember,how to be happy.

2 thoughts on “The Diary Of Happiness

  1. I might sound a bit cheesy but i really do believe that happiness is at hand if we simply believe it’s there and bear the waiting till it arrives 🙂

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