My Life Without ME

All the faces going by my eyes
But I keep wondering why
There’s that whole in my heart

How come feeling sad
Doesn’t feel that bad
Like happiness escaped from me

My life goes by
One second a time
And am still searching

Searching for a sign
Searching for a time
When I can know me

How come I scream
and no one hears me
How come my dreams
murdered by my reality

Where..Who am I
All questions in my head
But nothing but void and pain

How come I look at the mirror
and can’t see my self again
All those faces
And my loneliness still the same

Where are you..Where did you go
You who hold the keys to my heart
Where are you
Why left me..What did I do
Why you left with my soul with you

I stand now alone
Watching days going by
Without a purpose just asking why

Why I became like this
Why I lost my place
If I am not blind
Than why all I see
Is darkness

Where is my place in this world
Where can I find happiness again

My life going by…without me

It’s there I can feel it
It’s there but I can’t reach it
It’s there waiting
But how can I find

My way again
My life again
My self again
How much I try

I can’t stop feeling
That my own life is leaving
Without me..

Am here standing
For my soul to fly free
From all this pain
To reach light again

Walking my road alone
With a thousand face surrounding me
But still alone because I know
Alone I shall be

Seconds beyond my eyes
Going without looking back
Please wait for me
My life don’t leave
Without me

2 thoughts on “My Life Without ME

  1. msh 3yz yban shkle m3nddesh damm…
    bs ana mraa 7aset kda zman w be2olak bgd 😀 el ftra de knt a7laa ftra fe 7yatee lol
    Lee ba2aaaa 😀 3shan msh far2a m3aak nfsk te3ml el enta 3yzoo tlma 3ndk demagh w msh bt3ml 7aga wrong 2dee etla3 etnatat hayes harag doos we 3ook maweet nfsk mtkolsh mtnmsh !! aiwaah enjoy ur life leave as if u no 1 leaved before try every single thing leave nothin without trial u have nothing to lose rember… asl long as u r doing nothing wrong u will gain much exprince and will know later how to treat ppl

    so simpy Enjoy !! :O

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