lw sm7t howa e7na bn3ml a hena

Wake up at 8, dress up, go to work, spend your day at work, finish, get on your way home, have some kind of supper, maybe watch some tv, go to sleep…The next day, Wake up at 8, dress up, go to work, spend your day at work, finish, get on your way home, have some kind of supper, maybe watch some tv, go to sleep..The next day…

I guess this pattern seems familiar to you now, it’s simply how most of our lives are now, give or take some details here or there, some day better than others, some days with special things happening in them, but in the end, we are all now too familiar with this life, we are all now orbiting around it.

I can remember that I never thought really about the meaning of purpose, it always seemed to me like a really far philosophic term that I’ll never have to really understand in my life, and why the hell I should do, it was always really simple to me, all the weak in some kind of studying, let it be school or collage, and my “purpose” is to find that Thursday is here, which means to me the ultimate joy..WEEKEND !!

See, Really simple plan, weekend, my friends there, and that’s it, what do you need more.

It’s really foolish to think that things will be the same just because you think it will be, that life will leave you there just because you think that you figured it all, and that you won’t face point of your life when you are forced to take decisions and understand things you thought you will never have to face or understand.

Here I am, searching for an ultimate question I thought I would never ask, or maybe It would be never be completely vital to answer…what is my purpose??

The same word that along time ago it was for me just a philosophical hard term that may get you a higher degree in your English composition homework, now my whole life needs to be defined and centered around it

I look around me, and i find that people do a really nice trick, they simply avoid answering that question, they don’t let something so “irrelevant” to annoy them, why to complicate things and try to be smart, in other ways, enta ht3ml feeha bta3 leeh??

I must say it’s seems like a very successful strategy, to make a person just watch the unrecoverable days of his life just go by his sight without knowing why, just putting “purposes” for him self because others say that this what “purposes” should be,gain money, get married, have kids, curse the country a bit, wish that the best luck for palastine and iraq and why not curse isreal abit more, and through all that just gain some more money, eat drink and die..that simple.

What is the purpose of me and my life, what are the things that I need to define my self and to find true happiness, is it really what others thinks, or is it deep in me waiting to be found, is it other “purposes” or mine??

Whether you want to be the king of the world or just you are looking for the next weekend to do something cool with your friends, I can’t imagine now a life without a purpose to drive us, without a certain goal that motivates us, we are just soulless bodies walking around, without a purpose I can believe in, I’ll never find happiness or satisfaction.

Because I refuse to have others “purposes”, and because I know that I need is inside me, I resume asking the question, and a lot of times it’s just painful and hard and devastating, and a lot of times nobody understands, but I still resume to ask…lw sm7t howa e7na bn3ml a hena

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