Though I don’t have the gift of keeping the memories of my life very vivid in my head, but there are those few moments that can’t go away that easily.

13..I guess a very special no in anyone’s life,even for me who have the tendency to forget what happened yesterday,I still can remember how it was to be 13 years old.

One thing I would like to say and it’s killing me,those years were full of a healthy dose “mn el habal”, and you know am right!!

It was the real step from childhood to the amazing scary world of teenage,the first time to experience the really ‘nice’ feelings of being a teenager, the thing about those feelings that they punch you in the face.Depression,Happiness and love.

Yeah..a very important part of any 13 years old boy-like it or not- is girls.

Girls at that age were more like legendary creatures,their worlds were completely mysterious,but yet boys feels attracted to them although they are not very sure why.

I can remember that any boy who would be successful and get closer to one of these creatures-e7m-one the girls would be considered a hero.If he actually talked to one…ya seeddddyyyy

One hilarious scene I can never forget, In my school and at a certain year that don’t remember exactly,the boys and the girls were in diffrent classes,and they had diffrent break times.

I can remember when we went down to our break,we passed by the girls classes,at that legendary moment (imagine some background music..legendary moment people am telling you!!!) every boy tries to breath as much air as he can to buff himself as if van dam going to break, and of course imaging the air blowing his hair to look even more handsome (of course he needed dynamite to blow his hair not only air..allah y7’rb beet el gel!!) ,on the other hand you can clearly see the teacher in the girls class practically talking to him self,while every girl pretending to hear him while actually looking at the passing amazing representation of manhood…us!!

and laughing those little girly laughs,and of course we boys felt really proud of it as if they were blown away by us,very touching right??

Also I can remember how desperately we needed to feel older and wiser,it was common to hear a boy saying “Damn..I didn’t shave for 3 whole days !!!” while he doesn’t have 3 hairs in his whole face.

As weired those days was,but in a way they were simpler,it was all about “damn it..I need to study” or “damn it..I like that girl” which is diffrent from now where it’s more like “damn it…what the hell is going on??”

A little glimpse of the 13 years old memories, hope you like it,waiting for your comments.It would be really great if you can share your own memories…if you dare 😀

3 thoughts on “13

  1. walla zamann ya saherr
    fakartenaa bel lazyy madaa
    Really while reading a lot of memories came accross my mind
    kanet 2a7la 2ayamm
    thnx for letting us remember them 😀

  2. yaah ayam el mdrasa di kanet zekrayaat, I don’t think I managed to gather a great deal of memories for I never stayed in 1 school long enough to in the first place, but still I can clearly recall how eager I was to get myself out of my everyday uniform, & how much I wanted to grow up quickly so that everyone around would start treating me as an adult.
    I also remember my parents telling me that when the day I actually grow up and look back at those days I’d always miss being a carefree child constantly, but I never believed them back then u know how kids are lol all we wanted was to get into college as quickly as possible in order to start enjoying life from different perspectives guess we all know how naïve this way of thinking was lol.
    Those were really the days, our biggest worries back then was how much HW we were gonna take in school each day lol oh & how much allowance our parents were gonna give us lool
    Well I’m sure that as happy & glamorous those days were, our current age as well as each future phase we’r gonna pass by in our lives from now on will surely be that memorable to all of us since each duration has its own beauty & advantages hidden inside of it.
    Guess let’s just all wish for the very best isA & hope to always achieve greatness in our lives in any field we choose whether its work, family, or even if it was unemployment lool. Best of Luck to all

  3. walahy ya 27′ saher ana h2lk 7aga hatst3’rblaha, en ana w asdka2y konna mn el nooo3 ele byst7kar el welad ayaam el madrsa we bel taly kaanoo bykrahooonaaaa 😀 sheee2 tabeee3y,
    bs ele fkraaah awel marra a7’rog feeeha m3 so7aby lw7dna, kant fe 27’er yoom emta7anat sana tanya 23dady, konna 7aseeen sa3taha ennna 3mlnaaaa engaaaaaaaz – wel 7’rooga asln kant fel serag – 😀 bs ana 3n nfsy mastm3tsh bel ftra de aweee fe 7yateee l2nee kont mon3’aleka shewya fe dayrt el m3aref bta3ty bs brdo kont b7b en el wa7d zy manta bt2ool kda maknsh shayel ham 7aga, yalla e7l
    ana mo2mna en kol fatra fe 7yatna byb2a leeeha momyzataha w 3yobaha w lazm nstmt3 beeha
    w 3ala r2y ibrahim el fe22y: 3eesh kol la7za ka2naha 27’er la7za fe 7yatk 🙂

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