Welcome to my new blog

welcome to my new blog…

From now on, I shall continue writing here,I thought it’s time to move from the boring notes on the facebook that really wasn’t meant to be a blog

anyway hope you will like it here,I’ll try by time to move all the old posts here and categorize it and everything so it will be easy for anyone to view a past post,besides of course the new ones.

you have two was to keep updated with new posts, either you subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog (which I feel that it won’t be really successful because I feel the not alot of people knows what the hell is RSS anyway)

So I shall update facebook regularly whenever I add a new post,so choose whatever feels convenient for you, I don’t care…just come here and read,let me see all your comments always,always leave what you think,this is your place as much it’s mine

welcome to little pieces of life..hope you like it and see you all there

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog

  1. Welcome back to blog life.. bas ya reet mayb2aash da el start.. wel next one after 15 months 😀

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